How I get to Work

Sacramento is a pretty easy city to get around by bike. It’s flat, there are plentiful bike lanes and we have a little gem called the American River Bike Trail which provides paved bike-only roads right through the heart of the city.

I ride my bike in to work regularly because it’s peaceful, fun and is really the only legit exercise I get. Plus, the false sense of superiority it gives me over my coworkers is priceless.

I go a little less than 6 miles into the office each day and that takes me about half an hour because I am a slowpoke and I get distracted a lot. The ride home is even more distracting because I have ride past so many happy hours. Hey, I’ve been riding a bike for 10 minutes, I’ve earned a beer.

Anyhow, here’s a little glimpse of what my commute is like.

This morning’s ride started while the rest of you were still in bed.


From my house I head west towards the office. Which always leaves the lovely sunrises on my back. It’s nice to know it’s back there though.


And, yes, I’m wearing my helmet, mom.


I ride along the American River Bike Trail for the first portion of my trip. Gold was discovered about 35 miles upstream from this spot back in 1848 kicking off the great California Gold Rush. Nothing that exciting happened today, but it was still pretty.


Then I went past the Guy West Bridge at the campus of Sacramento State. This seems like a good time to apologize for my photography skills. If I had it to do all over again, I’d reposition that bike…and take a photography class. Or at least google “how not to suck at taking photos.”


Next thing you know, the bike trail spit me out in East Sacramento where I bought this fancy juice because I’m a fancy person. I mean, this cup holder screams class. From here on out, I’m in bike lanes. H Street is the perfect alternative to more traffic-heavy J Street. If yo’re ever riding a bike in Sacramento and the street is a little busy for your liking, just go one block over and it will probably be easier.


A quick stop at McKinley Park just to show you how nice McKinley park is. Ahhhh.

We’re getting close now as I cross over from East Sacramento to the Midtown.


The Midtown streets are easy-peasy bike ridin’. And they are nice and shady which really pays off in the summertime. This is just a couple blocks away from the Visit Sacramento offices.


And we’re here! I guess I should get to work now.

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