Sacramento on YouTube Vol. 1

Every once in a while I just like to search for Sacramento online to see what comes up. The results span the range from “pleasantly surprising” to “soul-crushingly horrible.”

Today, I took to YouTube to see how Sacramento tourism is represented on the world’s most-popular video website (I did not actually verify this). I simply searched for the words “Sacramento” and “travel.”

The top match is a video titled “A journey through Sacramento the city and the great outdoors.” Not a great title, but let’s take a closer look anyhow.

Immediately this video seemed familiar. Turns out, that’s because I’m in it! I make a cameo appearance as a bike-riding, wine-drinking tourist with a bad mustache. Keep an eye out for my star-turn at the 1:57 mark. Nailed that.


This video was a produced in cooperation with Brand USA, the country’s official tourism marketing organization. Basically, they offered to make a really affordable marketing video for Sacramento for whichever international market we chose and in that country’s language too! We were like “Great, let’s go with Germany. We’d love to have a German-language video.”

Turns out, Germany wasn’t an option. Neither was China. So we went with our third choice, Australia…with a host who speaks real and actual Australian. And then we decided that Australians were adventurous folks, so we went with an outdoor recreation theme.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think archery would work its way into the video – but sure enough – there it is. I’ll give it credit, the video really does show all the nature that is around our city….it doesn’t, however, acknowledge that there is a city here at all. And I think that’s ok. I think. Like I really want that to be ok.

The video is really just a lot of the host – Ben – wandering around in nature by himself. If you turn the volume down, this could be a very emotional foreign short film titled “The Lonely Australian” about an early middle-aged man just trying to find some sense of his place in this crazy world. Walk through an orchard, feed some some fish, wistfully gaze into the sunset, you’ll figure it out buddy

I don’t think I ever actually spoke with Ben, but he seemed nice and I like that he catches a fish in the end. So I think this video turned out pretty good. Plus, I got a free glass of wine.

The video has gotten 15,286 views in the two years that it’s been up. Of course, 5 of those were me today. So I wouldn’t say that it’s exactly “gone viral” and I can’t really say if it’s brought any Australians to town, but I don’t think it scared any away either. So there’s that.

Of course – as with everything online -there’s always the unfortunate matter of the comments section. Here are some of the stand-outs.


Thanks for nothing, Diane. Seattle is richer for having you and your awesome comments/typing skills, I guess.

Here’s a real doozy:


Visit Sacramento is probably really regretting its decision to hire “kwmtube1” right about now. Sounds like he/she is having a really tough time with all this human waste and equal rights business. Also, using the word “literally” correctly is an issue. Poor kwmtube1.


Finally, a perfectly constructed, well-written comment. Atta boy, Rodker.

Then there’s this beauty:


You’re on to us, Merlin. We love an English accent like the Queen loves her Vegemite, koalas and AC/DC records.

Of course, nothing really matters until “chizzled tell me what you think” chimes in:


Cool, “chizzled,” I’ll tell you what I think some other time.

So that’s a little glimpse of what Sacramento deals with online. I suppose this is why I have a job.






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