Sacramento Twitter Check

I’ve decided to do a Twitter search for “Sacramento” and see what the top 10 posts currently are. I’m not sure what algorithm Twitter uses to determine the “top,” but  I’m not faking this, so I’m hoping nothing embarrassing pops up.

Here we go:



“Slamson” is the lion mascot for the Sacramento Kings basketball team. I didn’t realize that mascots got voted in to All-Star games. And now that I do know, it’s just one more thing for me not to care about. To be fair, Slamson is pretty awesome at rollerblading, doing sweet dunks off of a trampoline and never changing facial expression even when the team is breaking all our hearts. So good for him/her, I guess.



More sports related tweets. This time from our new Mayor, Darrel Steinberg. Sacramento is this close to getting a Major League Soccer team. My favorite part about soccer is when I happen to be glancing the other way for one lousy second EVERY SINGLE TIME A GOAL IS SCORED. Maybe if we get an MLS team this will change.



We probably aren’t going to adopt the “Syria of the West” slogan any time soon, but I’m glad we are a nice and non-threatening enough city for this joke to work. And that’s just a screenshot, so sorry if you tried to play the video, dummy. See how nice we are?



Free Museum Day is here! The Railroad Museum, Verge Center for the Arts, Sacramento History Museum, Sutter’s Fort and dozens of others will all be open for free. But don’t get any big ideas about going to the Crocker Art Museum or the California Museum because they are not participating.



Ahhh, local morning news broadcasts. There is some poor reporter doing some version of this in every town in America. Still, I think this beats being the person who has to go to the snow chain installation location during a big storm or the one who has to go to the post office at midnight to interview last-minute tax filers on April 15.



Real sports-heavy twitter for Sacramento this morning. The Amgen Tour of California will kick-off in Sacramento again this year and it is one of the coolest things you’ll ever see…especially if you like sports where 100% of the competitors are cheating.



I don’t know why the 76ers raise a kitty flag after a victory, but I am totally on board. If I had known beforehand that this was a thing, I 100% would have rooted against my own team.



Not too long ago, I would have called you crazy if you told me dogs would be protesting at the airport. We are living in interesting times.



I dunno, Kubu. I can hardly decipher most of this tweet and what I can figure out doesn’t make any sense. I’m going to need you to use your words and then we can talk.



Phew, glad we didn’t have to end on Kubu. The baby races at Sacramento Kings games are usually better than the actual basketball game. A lot of these kids just end up rolling over halfway through, but some of these lil guys really get going! Still, I bet I could beat most of them. I am not above challenging a baby to a foot race.

Well, there you have it. Sorry it was so sports-heavy! Who knew? Also, sorry it wasn’t more amusing. Sometimes I have ideas that just don’t pan out.

Anyhow, come on by Sacramento some time. It’s really nice.

UPDATE – 2/1/2017


Of course, the day after I check Sacramento’s twitter mentions and write all about it, this beauty comes along:


So I thought I’d go ahead and add it to this post anyhow because it’s my blog and I can do what I want!

This tweet brings together a lot of great Sacramento things: The Cattle Club, rock-n-roll and Colin Hanks (who is from here since his old man went to Sacramento State).

The Cattle Club was a music venue that was famous for hosting up and coming bands back in the late 80s and early 90s. Somewhere on YouTube there’s even a whole concert video of Nirvana playing there.

This also reminds me that Colin Hanks made an awesome documentary about the story of Tower Records called All Things Must Pass.

I definitely need to work on a blog post about Sacramento’s music history.

Dang, why couldn’t he have posted this yesterday???


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