We’re Officially Visit Sacramento

I’m sure your social media feeds were blowing up with the news, but if somehow you missed it, the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau is now officially known as Visit Sacramento. This is clearly the biggest news of 2017….or maybe late 2016…or whenever it happened. I work here and I can’t even remember, but trust me it is a BIG DEAL.

I mean the change is pretty dramatic.

Here’s our old logo:


And here’s the new one:


I know there’s going to be an adjustment period for you, so I’ll try to be patient.

Anyhow, even though it might not be the biggest deal to you, I’m actually pretty stoked on it. That whole “convention & visitors bureau” thing was a confusing mouthful and is why I haven’t answered my office phone since 2008.

The new name is simple, straight-forward, and – best of all – comes with new business cards!

I don’t want to get too American Psycho on this, but a good card is important. Personally, I dislike an overly gimmicky card. If it’s not rectangular, I’m not interested. You may think you’re being clever with your star-shaped glitter card with the peel-off sticker, but mostly you’re just making me sad for you and messing up my rolodex (i.e. trash can). Just give me a nice, horizontally displayed card with your basic info and maybe a nice photo. Let’s not over-complicate this stuff.

Our new cards are pretty simple, but they are giving me a bunch of photos to choose from for the back. Here’s what they gave me. I get to choose up to four and Sacrmaento is lookin’ noooooice on these.






Clearly, some of these are geared towards other departments. I’m probably not going to go with the convention center (A11) or shot put guy and his exposed tummy (C2). I like B7 a lot because it’s pretty, but I’m not sure it’s the right choice for tourism.

I know I have at least one loyal reader (Hi Penny!) and this is your big chance to win a fantastic prize. Guess which 4 photos I picked and I’ll send you an authentic Nick Leonti signed baseball. Whoever gets the most correct wins. I’m posting the results tomorrow…or the next day…or whenever I get to it. Good luck!



Here are the 4 photos I went with:


I think that’s A6, A8, B2 and C1. A few of you actually sent me guesses! I probably just send you all baseballs.