Mystery Mail

So I got a mysterious package in the mail at work.

It was a big envelope full of postcards.


According to the two return labels, it came from a woman who I don’t know who lives in Minnesota. The postcards are from various Northern California destinations, but none of them are from Sacramento. So right off the bat, I’m insulted.

Ten of them are from San Francisco, five are from various wine country destinations, four are from Monterey and there are two each from Yosemite and Sausalito. None of them have anything written on them and there was no note included. Just a big ol’ envelope full of slightly worn, blank postcards.

Not sure what to make of the situation, my initial reaction was to spin in a circle and scream for a solid five minutes. Then I calmed down for a second before screaming for another five minutes, but while spinning in the opposite direction. Then I stopped spinning, but still screamed for another couple minutes just for good measure. Then, finally – after just a couple more screams and maybe a spin or two- I started to work on getting to the bottom of this mystery.

What is this mystery package and why was it sent to me???

I’ve handled all the cards and have yet to develop any kind of unusual rash or anything – just my normal rashes – so I don’t think this was some kind of tourism-related revenge scheme.

So is it a cry for help? Is it a puzzle? Is there some kind of DaVinci code in there? Multiple Davinci codes? Or was this just a kindly Minnesota-ite who had some extra postcards laying around and thought I could use them?

Maybe I should just send them back to the sender one at a time with friendly notes attached. i mean, this could all be some kind of failed penpal effort.

Of course, in situations like this I always ask myself one thing: What would noted TV sleuth Jessica “J.B.” Fletcher do? The answer, of course, is sip tea, ask all the right questions and solve the mystery with her trademark easy-going charm. So far, I’ve just got the tea part down. I’ve had like 3 gallons of tea…but it hasn’t helped me solve a dang thing.

Anyhow, if you know anything about this or if you want to come to Sacramento and set up a crime lab, please let me know. I’ll be the one screaming.



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