Walk a Mile in her Shoes


It’s that time of year again when a bunch of guys put on high heels for a good cause. “Walk a Mile” is an annual event organized by WEAVE – our region’s premier provider of services and education in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault.IMG_20170328_131932_712

So on May 6, men will actually put on the awful shoes and walk a literal mile in them. However, I’ve done this walk a few times and I get around pretty well in the heels, so I feel like one mile just isn’t enough. This year, my team will actually be walking 3+ miles from our favorite breakfast spot/bar in East Sacramento all the way to the official event just blocks from the State Capitol downtown. This is one of the best/worst ideas I’ve ever had.

Anyhow, I’m hoping extra miles means extra money raised, but that’s up to you!


So why am I walking? I mean, yeah, it’s a fun event and walking in high heels is a ridiculous thing to do (as many woman can tell you). But that’s not why I’m walking. I’m walking because I’m disgusted by things guys do every day and I’m trying my best to show by example that you can be a dude and not be total jerk.

good one

I don’t just mean like the REALLY awful things men do either. I mean just your everyday awful things: We don’t listen, we make non-stop lewd comments, we peer pressure women into matching us shot for shot at the bar, we get a little too handsy, we interrupt, we judge women in all the worst ways, we fat-shame, we slut-shame, we all kinds of shame, we take no responsibility for our actions, we have zero empathy, we look the other way when we should take action. The list goes on an on. As a group, we can do a lot better.

So I’m walking in high heels to show that at least I’m trying. And that it’s ok to not buy-in to the toxic version of masculinity.


This is actually a bit of a tangent, but for example, when Sergio Garcia won The Masters a couple weeks ago, I listened to the Mike & Mike radio show on ESPN and they were talking about how Garcia – and runner-up Justin Rose – were weak competitors because they were smiling and encouraging each other on the last few holes. They referenced a steely-eyed Tiger Woods and his killer instinct from year’s past and how he would never be nice to the competition and that’s what made him a better champion. This is the garbage we have to deal with.

Dudes, it’s ok to be nice. And I guess that’s why I’m walking. And, I mean, I’m a pretty unlikeable person most of the time, but at least I’m putting in some kind of effort to be less lousy.

And, yeah, this is a tourism blog and you might be wondering what any of this has to do with tourism, but trust me, this garbage goes on every where.

WEAVE deserves a ton of credit for the work they do to assist victims and educate the public about these uncomfortable issues. So I’m proud to strap on the pumps, show off my chicken legs, and walk 3-point-something miles to help them out.

If you’d like to donate to the “Three Mile Club” and help WEAVE’s causes, please do so by clicking here. I’ll make you proud out there, I promise.

Oh and here’s the info for the event:

Saturday, May 6, 2017 – On Capitol Mall between 4th & 7th Streets
11:30am – Festival Opens
1:00pm – Walk Begins
3:00pm – Festival Closes

The Three Mile Club will have a hearty breakfast at 10am in East Sac and work our way downtown by the start of the real walk at 1pm – stopping for a bloody mary or two along the way. Basically taking Folsom Blvd/Capitol Ave the whole way if you want to cheer us on.

That’s the scoop. Thanks!





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