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July 15

Sacramento Shines in the “California Plaza”

Remember two years ago when I wrote an informative yet entertaining blog post about attending the largest travel trade show in the country? Well, I’ll save you the trouble of actually going back to re-read it: IPW is the largest travel trade show in the country and it brings thousands of influential industry folks from […]

March 19

Beer is Old News in Sacramento

I’m not sure if you’re allowed to drink in cemeteries, but I recommend it. There are at least 16 Sacramento beer pioneers buried at the Old City Cemetery and I’m sure it’s the way they would have wanted it. Ed Carroll, local beer historian and an all-around cool guy, literally wrote the book on Sacramento’s brewing […]

February 22

Train Stuff

I haven’t posted on here for over a year and my six subscribers have been freaking out…probably. I bet they have all been sitting there for months, staring at their screens clicking refresh over and over waiting for something to happen. Well, six subscribers, today is the day you finally get your big payoff – […]

November 28

Lady Bird and Sacramento

I don’t think we’re going to see a huge increase in tourism just from one really good movie, but Lady Bird will certainly give people a glimpse of how nice Sacramento is. And that can’t hurt. – Me That’s the quote I gave to noted journalist Ed Fletcher of the Sacramento Bee when he interviewed […]

October 17

I’m an Amazing Tour Guide

Every so often I get to play tour guide which is nice because that’s what most people think I do anyhow. This time around, I was the personal tour guide for noted travel writer Richard McComb. Richard is from Birmingham, England and flew out to California for a week to explore the region and, if […]

August 29

Sacramento vs. Paris

Wow, I haven’t blogged for a bit. Mainly because I got a new kitten. I mean, would you blog with this guy around? His name is Carl and he’s perfect in every way. Look at him go. Also, I haven’t been blogging because I went on a big ol’ vacation. That’s one of the perks […]

June 13

Convention Wrap-up: IPW 2017

NOTE: There is an unedited photo of my gross feet in this post. Proceed with caution. Phew! I just got back from a week in Washington D.C. for the annual IPW convention. IPW is an international travel industry show organized by the U.S. Travel Association. It used to be known as “International Pow Wow” but […]