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May 05

I Won a Golf Tournament

There are certain perks to working in the tourism industry: You get to travel, you get to meet fun people, you can weasel your way in to a hotel deal every now and then, there’s an unlimited supply of free promotional sunglasses and, occasionally, you get to golf for work. I’m mean, not like as […]

April 19

Walk a Mile in her Shoes

It’s that time of year again when a bunch of guys put on high heels for a good cause. “Walk a Mile” is an annual event organized by WEAVE – our region’s premier provider of services and education in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault. So on May 6, men will actually put […]

April 18


These photos I swiped from the West Sac Mayor Christopher Cabaldon’s twitter are my favorite thing right now, so I thought I’d share. With all the rain this winter, vegetation is out of control and could be a nasty fire hazard come summer. So they’ve called in an adorable crew of goats to help trim […]

April 11

Sacramento Fun Guide – 1960s

My mom found this Sacramento “Fun Guide” from the 1960s in between the pages of a library book…which is really where all the best things are found. She passed it on to me on account of that whole “I’m the Director of Tourism” thing. Flipping through the ol’ Fun Guide provided a great opportunity for […]

March 10

The Water Tower Controversy

So I work for Visit Sacramento which is the major destination marketing organization for California’s capital city. We raised a bit of a stink this week when – without hardly any notice – we changed the words on the big water tower off I-5 from reading “City of Trees” to reading “America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital.” Now […]

March 08

Mystery Mail

So I got a mysterious package in the mail at work. It was a big envelope full of postcards. According to the two return labels, it came from a woman who I don’t know who lives in Minnesota. The postcards are from various Northern California destinations, but none of them are from Sacramento. So right […]

March 07

How Many Breweries?

It’s Beer Week in Sacramento so I got the bright idea to see how many breweries I could visit in one day. With over 50 breweries in our area, I was thinking I could get maybe a couple dozen in easy. Obviously, I didn’t really think this plan through. Visiting a bunch of breweries is […]