January 19

I Went to Cleveland

I just returned from my first trip of the new year which was to Cleveland for the annual American Bus Association (ABA) Marketplace show. It’s a convention that brings together bus tour companies with destinations from all over the country….or anywhere else you can drive a bus to…I’m assuming. Of course, one of the perks […]

December 06

2016 Year-end Wrap-up

2016 has gotten a bad rap just because society had a horrible streak of bad choices and everyone we ever cared about died. Still, I had a pretty good year. Let’s take a look back at my highlights of 2016: Big Name Change – Our organization changed its name from the “Sacramento Convention & Visitors […]

November 14

European Sales Mission

About once every year or so, I head off with a group of my fellow California destination marketing partners on a whirlwind sales mission to visit tour companies in some far-off location. This time around, I went to France, Germany and England for a little over a week spreading the word about Sacramento. This might […]

October 20

Convention Wrap-Up: IMEX

I just got back from attending the IMEX convention in Las Vegas. IMEX stands for….[googles IMEX]… “International Meeting Executives”….I think. Or maybe it’s “Incentive Meeting Executives.” I just don’t know. The important thing is that it’s largest annual convention for meeting planners in the whole country. Of course, my job as Director of Tourism has […]

October 16

Inside Look: China Fam

Last night some of our travel industry friends from China came to Sacramento and it was my job – like actually in my job description – to take them out to a nice dinner. It’s a tough gig sometimes. Here’s a little inside glimpse into how these “fam trips” go. If you want a primer […]

September 26

Sacramento on YouTube Vol. 1

Every once in a while I just like to search for Sacramento online to see what comes up. The results span the range from “pleasantly surprising” to “soul-crushingly horrible.” Today, I took to YouTube to see how Sacramento tourism is represented on the world’s most-popular video website (I did not actually verify this). I simply […]

September 20

Bringing the World to Sacramento

I have friends in the Bay Area who don’t even know where Sacramento is. Ok, that’s a lie, I don’t have any friends, but if I did they very well might not know where Sacramento is. And if our fellow Californians don’t know where we are, then it’s hard to expect international visitors to know […]