March 02

We’re Officially Visit Sacramento

I’m sure your social media feeds were blowing up with the news, but if somehow you missed it, the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau is now officially known as Visit Sacramento. This is clearly the biggest news of 2017….or maybe late 2016…or whenever it happened. I work here and I can’t even remember, but trust […]

February 16

Sacramento Soundtrack

Wherever I go people are always asking me for one thing: More songs about Sacramento. I mean, sure, people also like songs about lesser cities like New York, Chicago, Paris and LA, but mostly people like songs about Sacramento. And if there’s one thing I like to do it’s giving the people what they want. […]

January 31

Sacramento Twitter Check

I’ve decided to do a Twitter search for “Sacramento” and see what the top 10 posts currently are. I’m not sure what algorithm Twitter uses to determine the “top,” but  I’m not faking this, so I’m hoping nothing embarrassing pops up. Here we go: 1. “Slamson” is the lion mascot for the Sacramento Kings basketball […]

January 19

I Went to Cleveland

I just returned from my first trip of the new year which was to Cleveland for the annual American Bus Association (ABA) Marketplace show. It’s a convention that brings together bus tour companies with destinations from all over the country….or anywhere else you can drive a bus to…I’m assuming. Of course, one of the perks […]

December 06

2016 Year-end Wrap-up

2016 has gotten a bad rap just because society had a horrible streak of bad choices and everyone we ever cared about died. Still, I had a pretty good year. Let’s take a look back at my highlights of 2016: Big Name Change – Our organization changed its name from the “Sacramento Convention & Visitors […]

November 14

European Sales Mission

About once every year or so, I head off with a group of my fellow California destination marketing partners on a whirlwind sales mission to visit tour companies in some far-off location. This time around, I went to France, Germany and England for a little over a week spreading the word about Sacramento. This might […]

October 20

Convention Wrap-Up: IMEX

I just got back from attending the IMEX convention in Las Vegas. IMEX stands for….[googles IMEX]… “International Meeting Executives”….I think. Or maybe it’s “Incentive Meeting Executives.” I just don’t know. The important thing is that it’s largest annual convention for meeting planners in the whole country. Of course, my job as Director of Tourism has […]